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Protect Your Smile with a Custom-made Mouthguard

If you wake up with a sore jaw or headache, you could be one of the millions of patients suffering from bruxism — a condition where you involuntarily clench and grind your teeth at night or during a nap. Since bruxism can cause numerous undesirable symptoms, you should seek treatment immediately if you notice signs. At Surrey Place Dental Group in Surrey, British Columbia, we help diagnose bruxism and recommend a custom-made nightguard to protect your smile against the dangers of grinding and clenching teeth.

What is bruxism?

As mentioned, bruxism is the involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth. There are two types of bruxism, namely:

  • Awake bruxism: It’s a condition where patients clench and grind their teeth during the day. This bruxism has been tied to emotional issues. Tiredness, anxiety, and stress can lead to awake bruxism, as does deep concentration.
  • Sleep bruxism: It happens when you are asleep, and you rarely know it’s happening unless you notice dental damage or your bed partner notices your teeth clenching.

Teeth grinding isn’t a condition to ignore because it leads to sore muscles, headaches, dental damage, and TMJ-related pain. If you notice signs of bruxism, please book an appointment with our team of dentists for diagnosis and treatment.

Custom-made nightguards for grinding teeth

When we talk about mouthguards, you may think about athletic dental guards you have seen in sports. Well, it’s something close to that, but mouthguards are custom-designed, thin plastic guards that only fit your teeth. They are commonly referred to as “nightguards” because they are typically worn at night when most patients grind their teeth.

While you can consider store-bought nightguards, our dentists recommend custom-made nightguards. These are made after taking custom molds or scans of your dentition, which results in an appliance that fits well. Besides, our bite guards are created from medical-grade materials for your safety and comfort.

Benefits of mouthguards

If you have bruxism, a mouthguard can effectively reduce your pain. Wearing a nightguard consistently can:

  • Prevent dental damage
  • Reduce headaches, jaw pain, and muscle strain
  • Avoid the deterioration of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Constrain the bruxism pattern

Are these incentives not reasons enough? If not, think about the cost of restoring damaged teeth or even the pain, time, and resources used to treat TMJ disorder. Prevention is always the most cost-effective way to protect your smile, so do yourself a favour by investing in a mouthguard. Please dial (604) 969-4212 to book an appointment with Surrey Place Dental Group for a mouthguard for grinding teeth.