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Protect Your Smile and take Your Sports Game to the Next Level with Custom Mouthguards

Summer is a great time to meet with family and friends — it’s also an ideal time to participate in your favourite sports. From shin pads and helmets to jerseys, you want to be all geared up and protected head to toe to do your best in the sports you love. But what about your smile? Is it protected? Like helmets are made to prevent head trauma, sports mouthguards are created to protect your teeth, gums, and other facial structures.

Whether you are a seasoned sports professional or participate in sports for fun in Surrey, British Columbia, you should consider a sports guard from Surrey Place Dental Group.

Why sports guards are important

Did you know that about 40% of dental injuries occur during sports? In sports, a loose ball, awkward fall, or blow from an opponent in your face can leave you with numerous injuries, including:

  • A knocked-out chipped or broken tooth
  • A bitten tongue and cheeks
  • Broken jaws /bones

An athletic mouthguard adds an extra layer of protection for your teeth, gums, and other structures from direct trauma and inadvertent actions like tooth clenching or tongue biting during high exertion.

Why custom-made sports guards are the best

When it comes to sports, you don’t expect a helmet or shoulder pad to protect your teeth and gums. A sports guard is the ideal appliance to save your smile. But does any sports guard do the job?

While you could consider store-bought mouthguards, we recommend custom-made sports guards. These are made after taking your bite impressions, meaning they fit comfortably, thus providing you with optimal protection. Plus, the comfortable fit doesn’t interfere with how you breathe or talk.

Custom-designed athletic mouthguards for all-rounded protection

No matter your age or the sports you play, mouthguards from Surrey Place Dental Group are a great way to keep you comfortable and injury-free at all times. Please dial (604) 969-4212 to book an appointment to get our custom-made sports guards in Surrey, BC.