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Quality Porcelain Crowns Preserve and Protect Your Teeth for a Lifetime of a Healthy, Stunning Smile

Damaged, decayed, or weakened teeth can damage the function and appearance of your smile. While dental inlays and fillings can be used to repair minor tooth damage or decay, extensive damage may warrant a dental crown. At Surrey Place Dental Group, our dental team can create a natural-looking dental crown to improve the strength and appearance of your compromised tooth.

The Many Functions of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps installed to encase your entire tooth to improve its color, shape, size, and strength. While a dental crown is a tiny appliance, it has become a staple in dentistry. Dental crowns have many uses in dentistry, including:

  • Strengthening a weakened tooth
  • Cosmetically enhancing a deep stained or misshapen tooth
  • Anchoring dental bridges
  • Completing the dental implant treatment
  • Protecting a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
  • Replacing a worn-out filling or inlay

Dental crowns have become popular in dentistry because they offer natural-like results. Porcelain crowns imitate the sheen of your natural enamel to generate an outcome virtually undetectable by an unsuspecting eye.

The Crowning Procedure

Installing a dental crown is a two-step procedure. During the first appointment, we evaluate your tooth to determine eligibility for a crown. If the dentist establishes that you are a good candidate for a crown, we numb your gums to minimize discomfort during treatment. Then, we file down and reshape your tooth to create space for a crown. After tooth preparation, we take your bite impressions and send the images to a dental lab to custom-make your crown. Since the process can take a few weeks, we will install a temporary crown to protect your prepped tooth.

Once your crown is ready, you will return to our dental clinic for the final visit. Our dentist will check how your crown fits, make minor adjustments, and then use dental cement to permanently bond it to your tooth. Once the procedure is complete, your crowned tooth will look and function like the rest of your teeth.

Restore Your Smile with Natural-Looking Crowns

If you have damaged or decayed teeth, you don’t have to live an unfulfilled life. Instead, turn to porcelain crowns to rebuild your smile. If you are in Surrey, British Columbia, please dial (604) 969-4212 to book an appointment with Surrey Place Dental Group for porcelain crowns.